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The Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association (INCA) was formed in September 1996. Originally a sub-group of the Nurses Hypertension Association, the founder members subsequently felt that a “broader” perspective for nurses working in the cardiovascular area was required. The Association was formed to encourage nurses working within this area to meet on a regular basis and to exchange views and research on their work. Over the years membership numbers and activities have grown steadily and the focus of the Association has evolved to encompass the broad range of cardiovascular nursing specialities. The INCA is now the major scientific group for nurses working in the field of cardiovascular disease.

We hold an Annual Scientific Meeting, an autumn evening meeting, and issue newsletters twice a year. Members are invited to present oral and poster presentations and to share knowledge and research findings within the field.

The aim of the Association is to provide a forum for education, communication and research development among members working in the field of cardiovascular nursing.

The objective of the Association is to keep members informed of new developments relating to cardiovascular disease and to promote and provide ongoing research and education for nurses. The objective is also to enhance the standards of nursing care and nursing research.

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