Established prominence in giving voice, respect and dignity to the patient / patient Safety.


The award is to honour those nurses who have demonstrated excellence in patient advocacy. Nominees will have established prominence in giving voice to the patient, prioritising patient safety, maximising patient beneficence, ensuring respect and dignity for the recipient of care.

Evaluation Criteria

Application provides evidence of

  • Protects patients’ rights, dignity, health, and safety.
  • Impact patient care and outcomes through advocacy.
  • Maximises respect of and for the patient by self and others.
  • Promotes practice that improves patient care.

In no more than 350 words please provide the justification for nominating the intended recipient (s).

Why this Nurse or Team should be considered and deserves this recognition of excellence.

  • Please read the criteria for judging and write your entry with this in mind.
  • Stick to the word limit.
  • Answer the question concisely, with enough detail for the judges to understand your entry.
  • An INCA Commitee member, cannot be nominated in the stand-alone Nursing category.

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