Cardiothoracic / Cardiovascular / other Cardiac surgical related care


This award is focused on the recognition of specialist, advanced or excellence in the management of patients before, during and/or after cardiac surgery or care related to the surgical field. The areas of care can include innovation, interventions, sustainability, high quality care of the surgical patient, evidence-based practice, or team coordination.

Evaluation criteria

Application provides evidence of:

  • Demonstrates evidence-based innovation or intervention.
  • Demonstrates holistic care through the patient’s surgical journey.
  • Evidence of judicious resource use.
  • Positively impacts the team spirit.

    In no more than 350 words please provide the justification for nominating the intended recipient (s).

    Why this Nurse or Team should be considered and deserves this recognition of excellence.

    • Please read the criteria for judging and write your entry with this in mind.
    • Stick to the word limit.
    • Answer the question concisely, with enough detail for the judges to understand your entry.

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